What Our Customers Think Of OK Beauty Matt And Stay Lipsticks?

Have you ordered some beauty stuff from an online store and it didn’t satisfy your expectations?

To avoid such problems, we regularly poll our favorite customers and ask them to share their impressions of the purchase. Three girls, three different opinions, and a complete overview of the bestselling products. Today we are reading about the three most popular lipsticks from the collection Matt & Stay.

OK Beauty lipsticks are highly appreciated by makeup lovers because of the comfortable matt coating that doesn't dry the lips and its long-lasting effect even after coffee breaks. Plus, the color palette ranges from classic nude colors to trendy burgundy, crimson, and even purple shades. And what other advantages have our customers noted?

Kate is 23 years old «Brings joy throughout the day»

I try to wear as little cosmetics as possible. You know, it's just a waste of money when you buy foundation or lip gloss and they vanish already at midday. That's why I prefer the natural look and apply only a lip balm when I go to work or just walk around the city.

But there are some important meetings like brainstorming at the office, where you need to add a stylish touch to your look. To be honest, I stuck to the classic nude makeup and the only detail I was lacking was a beauty item for lips. I have already acquainted with your brand. So I paid attention to the lipstick collection. I got attracted by the fact that they are long-lasting and save lips from dryness.

It was hard to choose between Joy and Chill, but I grabbed the first one due to the warm undertone. I fell in love with this gentle color and it perfectly matched with Safari tint. Besides, the applicator was very handy, so I could fill in the lips even without contouring them. There was not even a hint of dryness. The texture was delicate, applied evenly, and looked beautiful.

I supplemented my classic outfit with a white shirt and beige trousers.  Joy emphasized this ladylike look. So the brainstorm brought me confidence, charm, and joy. That's funny how right you were with the name.

Christie is 30 years old «Refreshes your everyday look»

Earlier I was obsessed with makeup, gathering a collection of colored mascaras and bright lipsticks. At one moment I decided to simplify my look but didn't want to get rid of lipstick.

Well, I thought it would be reasonable to choose long-lasting lipstick instead of shiny lip gloss. Usually I prefer to shop offline because you never know whether the picture matches the real product or not. But when I found your shop and saw how much cool makeup stuff you have, I didn't hesitate to place the order.

I love experimenting with color and mostly got attracted to juicy Point. I also grabbed Prep & Plump lip balm because I believed that matt lipsticks  dried the lips. To my  surprise, the texture was creamy and didn't smudge after application. Cool!

Another cool thing was that the makeup became so cheerful and suitable for both daytime and evening occasions. Overall I recommend OK Beauty lipsticks because they will never disappoint you. 

Martha is 22 years old «Perfect red lipstick is found»

My weekdays are extremely busy with business meetings. So I need to look elegant.

Your brand impressed me one year ago when I was searching for a present for my bestie. She was in awe of the pink scrub and shimmering lotion, and wanted to order some makeup stuff. I got ahead of her and ordered a couple of eyeliners and two red lipsticks, Dita and Wild.

The second one conquered my heart. It looked more sophisticated and had a burgundy undertone which added a touch of elegance to the look. Moreover, it was applied evenly and felt comfortable on my lips. Even after the business lunch, I didn't need to fix the contour, which was amazing. Perfect finish and no prints on the coffee cup.

And what do you think of OK Beauty Matt And Stay Lipsticks? Share your impressions on our official website so that we can make our cosmetics even better.