What our customers think of OK Beauty Flash & Care Shimmering Body Lotion

Have you ordered some beauty-stuff from an online store and it didn’t satisfy your expectations? 

To avoid such problems, we regularly poll our favorite customers and ask them to share their impressions of the purchase. Three girls, three different opinions and a complete overview of the bestselling products. Today we are writing about shimmering Body Lotion Flash & Care.

Ok Beauty Flash & Care Body Lotion is intended to combine features of skincare products and decorative cosmetics. Its delicate texture enriched with natural nourishing oils makes your skin as soft and silky as a rose petal. But there are even more surprises to expect. Our Body Lotion gives a slight bronze tan and golden radiance thanks to tiny shining particles. And what other advantages our customers have noted?

Ashley is 22 years old “Beats Any Self Tanner”

Every girl out there dreams about gorgeous tanned skin, right? Unfortunately, the majority can't escape from the office to a seashore and take sunbathes all day long. Besides, ultraviolet rays are rather tricky and even body cream with SPF cannot guarantee the perfect bronze tan instead of burning red. For example, I have extremely pale skin. Thus any time I go on vacation, meet-and-greet the sunburn. No wonder I’ve become addicted to self-tanner.  

They say self-tanning is the safest way to darken your skin, but keep silent that it’s very inconvenient to use. I couldn't apply it evenly and was always frustrated with differently colored ankles and shins. In general, I had been tormenting until that moment I found your store. I came for tints and stuck to a shimmer lotion. I was captivated by the fact that it got absorbed quickly and also toned and gave shine.

I quickly placed the order, received the package and prayed at heart “Please, work!”. I squeezed a little bit of lotion into my palm and started applying moving from feet to neck. The texture was so gentle, spread evenly and the effect was impressive.

Firstly, the lotion really gave the skin a pretty shade, not too dark, rather golden beige. At first, I didn't notice the sparkles but when I came out I was stunned. The legs were shiny, soft and so beautiful. As you may guess, I don’t touch the self-tanners anymore. 

Helen is 29 years old “ Soothes my skin after an epilation”

I must say right away that I have hypersensitive skin. One slight pinch and you literally see a bruise. Can you imagine what happened after waxing? I couldn't even turn the water in a shower super hot because it hurt and the skin began to itch. Only oily lotions saved me but after application you felt like you were smeared with butter.

 I was looking for some nourishing and non-oily body cream but kept disappointed . They always had a couple of components that would definitely cause allergies. I began to complain to my epilation master. She advised your shimmer lotion and even ordered it for me.

I looked at the ingredients: olive, jojoba and avocado oil. It was cool because it seemed like they should soften the skin. After the shower, I immediately opened the lotion and began to gently massage the body from feet to shoulders. Immediately I liked the scent: it was so nice, so sweet. But the coolest was ahead.

The legs became a little tanned, plus the redness became less noticeable. By the way, the texture was not so bright, they rather give the so-called "effect of tights". At the moment I use shimmer lotion almost every day to keep my skin silky and hydrated.

Susy is 34 years old “Hide spider veins”

My skin has always been very thin, so the dark circles under my eyes are visible even after a proper 8 hours sleep. This also concerns other parts of the body, in particular the arms and legs. It didn't really bother me, except when my family and I go on vacation. When you just come to the sea, you have to wait a week for your body to tan so that you can safely wear sundresses and feel comfortable in a swimsuit.

 I was already familiar with your cosmetics but I mostly bought tints and lip pencils. I wanted to try something new wondering what you have for the body. I ordered a pink scrub and grabbed a shimmer lotion. Just gave it a chance. Let it be. And yeah I fell in love with it.

I loved its delicate texture. When it got absorbed, it left a pleasant scent on the body. But the most important thing was that the shade and shimmer did not completely eliminate the vascular network but at least made it less noticeable and the skin color even. I bought your lotion for the second time because the first bottle has gone completely on vacation.

What do you think of OK Beauty Flash & Care Shimmering Body Lotion? Share your impressions on our official website so that we can make our products even better.


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