How To Do Facial Massage At Home? Step By Step Guide to Glowing Skin

The habit of massaging your own face was borrowed from Japanese women, who since an early age devoted an hour to this procedure and as a result glory in porcelain skin even in old age.

Have you always wanted to try self-made facial massage but never knew what to begin with? Then you definitely would appreciate our tips! Enjoy!

Prepare your skin first

It is totally forbidden to start facial massage until properly cleansing the skin. Otherwise, you might hurt it instead of bringing desirable profit. Use gently cleansing scrub to wash away the environmental dirt and makeup leftovers. Then thoroughly moisturize your skin. Massaging dry skin is not a very good idea. 

Choose the right beauty-product

Therefore you shouldn't massage the face without a proper beauty-product. There are lots of options from rich face cream to light-textured primer oil such as OK Beauty Prep & Care Face Oil. It deeply nourishes the skin, even out its tone and makes it glow after the procedure. And also it's impossible to resist the tempting scent of rose petals and ripe cherry.

Start massaging the Lymph Area

The lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins. You can use OK Beauty Prep & Care Face Oil. Start massaging the lymph nodes under your ears and along the sides of your neck. Move your palms in wide circles, sweeping from under your ears, down toward your throat, and back up along your jawline. 

Massage the whole face

When you warm up the Lymph Area there is a time to massage other face sides in order to make skin smooth and elastic:

     • Smooth forehead lines (press fingers above brows and slowly slide them upward)
     • Gently press fingers under eyes and slide them towards the temples
     • Massage the neck and decollete line using light vertical strokes
     • At the end of the massage, gently pat the oil into the skin. This will improve microcirculation and make the tone more even
     • Use a dabbing motion to wipe off excess oil from the skin

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