5 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs OK Beauty Primer Oil

There are so many factors that influence our skin and make it suffer from dehydration and dryness. Sometimes even the nourishing creams can’t improve the situation because the majority of them are absorbed too fast and work only on the top layer of skin.

That’s why we advise you to try out more effective skincare products. Let's discover why all of us should refill the cosmetic bag with the multipurpose OK Beauty Primer Oil.

Creates an ideal coverage including eye area

When we talk about a proper skincare routine, we imply using a bunch of different products for every part of the face. OK Beauty Primer Oil has a delicate texture, which suits even the most sensitive under-eye area.

Two drops are enough to get rid of blue spots and give a healthy glow to the face. Moreover, vitamins A, E, and C in combination with Omega-B acid tighten and rejuvenate skin if you use Primer Oil daily.

Hides imperfections

OK Beauty Primer Oil is capable of fading fine lines and wrinkles, targeting acne and evening out the skin color because it saturates with moisture even the deep layers. Plus, it prepares the skin for makeup application and keeps it in place for the rest of the day. You can use Primer Oil as a  makeup base or over the cosmetics, accurately patting the drops to create a beautiful shine.

Perfects any types of makeup

If your foundation creates a heavy feeling, add a few drops of OK Beauty Primer Oil to soften the texture and make it more light-weighted. Your face will also get a luminizing effect.

If you try to hide eye spots with concealer and it doesn't blend, pat one drop of Primer Oil to make it spread and evenly absorb.

Have some trouble with brushes? Drip a bit of Primer Oil on fiber, apply either foundation or blushes and enjoy the even blending.

Want your lipsticks to have a glossy touch? Apply one drop of Primer Oil on the prepared lips to get a tempting wet effect. Primer Oil will easily replace the lip balm.

Suits for facial massage

It’s known that facial massage prevents your skin from aging, speeds up blood circulation, and helps to keep the skin smooth and radiant. Primer Oil suits any type of massage technique, from classic one to face-lifting. Considering the fact you firstly need to warm up the muscles, Primer Oil decreases the pain and prevents the sensitive skin from an accidental injury.

All you need is to warm up Primer Oil in your palms, apply it to the face and follow the massage lines with gentle movements. When you finish, tap the rest into your skin or remove with a terry towel.

Replaces the highlighter and shimmering lotion

The coolest thing is that OK Beauty Primer Oil is so versatile that you can distribute some amount on the whole length of your hair to add a healthy shine just as after using nourishing hair balm. It also works as a highlighter to shimmer the collar bones or elbows.

If you have already become intrigued go to our catalog, grab your Primer Oil and share your impressions in the comments down below.


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